The Occupational Guidance Series, Occupational Guidance units

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More careers than any series in its class!

Designed so entire classes can work with it simultaneously, Finney Company's premiere career collection of 800 titles in 40 volumes is an excellent stand-alone information source or a strong foundation on which to build school-to-work and career exploration programs. Career centers and libraries with extensive career collections can easily integrate the Occupational Guidance series with other materials.

No other material offers better updating!

One complete unit of 8 volumes, consisting of 160 titles, is revised annually. Finney Company's writing staff strives to bring your students and clients the most complete and accurate career information available through interviews and extensive research.

Units are sold separatley, and we can help you select the most current units to start building your series today. Please "Add to Cart" and in the special instructions at time of checkout indicate which unit you would like to order.

Available Units: F-OG 1J (most recent unit available), F-OG 2I, F-OG 3I, F-OG 4I, F-OG 5I

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