Looking Ahead DVD

Looking Ahead DVD
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It might seem contradictory, but decisions about how to end a company are just as important as the dreams that give birth to it. There may even be reasons that make a pre-planned exit strategy mandatory, such as the specific needs of investors.

This video explores various end-game scenarios for business owners, helping to clarify long-term goals for anyone on the verge of creating a company while detailing the possibilities and challenges that each type of conclusion involves.

Viewers are introduced to the pros and cons of being bought out in installments; selling a company outright to a friendly party or a competitor; merging with another firm, including the option of staying on in some capacity; going the IPO route, an expensive and rarely pursued option but one worth discussing; and liquidation, with its need for proper record-keeping, government paperwork, and asset sell-offs or storage. In all cases, the focus is on walking away with the best possible outcome.©2011 25 minutes.

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