Dress to Impress: How a Navy Blazer Changed My Life!

Dress to Impress: How a Navy Blazer Changed My Life!
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Completely redressed with new information and fresh illustrations this second edition shows women a simple, sensible approach to dressing for the workplace. This handy guide can save you hours wandering the internet searching for information about dressing for the workplace. The author explains:

· How to dress for a crucial interview
· What kinds of clothing are appropriate for the job
· How to dress in ways that pay off in promotions
· Success secrets for every woman regardless of economic,
  education and ethnicity

Additional topics covered include the difference between day-wear and date-wear, shopping on a budget, clothes that flatter a full figure, blending ethnic attire into the workplace, and more. This exciting new edition includes a chapter for men dressing for success which includes information on suits, grooming, ties, and more. The author writes with humor and honesty as she encourages you to look at how you are presenting YOU. © 2012. Paperback.

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