Careers In Focus: Meteorology

Careers In Focus: Meteorology
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Meteorology is the science of the atmosphere and its phenomena. There are many kinds of meteorologists, including those who create forecasts that keep airplanes safe when flying; those who conduct research on global warming, acid rain, and pollution; and those who testify in legal proceedings about weather conditions at the time of a crime or car accident. Others work as storm spotters, college professors, and consultants to politicians and private organizations. This field is projected to grow through 2018, predicting a sunny future for those interested in a career in meteorology.

Careers in Focus: Meteorology profiles 18 careers for anyone interested in this fascinating field.

Job profiles include:

  • Broadcast meteorologists
  • Climatologists
  • Consulting meteorologists
  • Environmental meteorologists
  • Meteorological equipment technicians
  • Physical geographers
  • Public policy experts
  • Science writers and editors
  • Scientific photographers
  • Solar energy meteorologists.

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